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Whitening Agent

Whitening is from the inside, skin glowing again, and also needs to protect the skin from the outside in from injuries due to external stimuli. Whitening sunscreen throughout the year is to do a priority. The SPF of the sunscreen in addition to a suitable value, PA++ effect, isolated isolation from pollution and make-up better, such as multiple sunscreen lotion, has several modified skin color, can be directly used as a Foundation, it was excellent value for money, makeup bag essential

Whitening process is actually the process of updating and cleaning of the skin and remove aging cuticle skin dry, and dry skin is prone to melanoma, so the need for timely replenishment of the nutrients and water. Moisture can also be said is the basis of any skin need to do homework, how to make moisturizing whitening without hampering the topic is of interest to white people.

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