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What Is Pigment Coloring

Pigment coloring refers to a specific color products the amount of pigment and tinting strength expressed as a percentage of standard samples.

Paint tinting strength not only with its nature, but also with regard to pigment dispersion. Dispersion refers to pigment level of detail, greater the dispersion, Yu with their coloring is high, but there is a great value, tinting strength of exceeding this value declined. For example, azo pigment particle size in 0.1 μ m, phthalocyanine blue pigment particle size 0.05 μ m or so, with high tinting strength. Pigment for plastics coloring standard recommends the use of standard specimens and samples of different resins, to achieve the same depth than to measure, that is a standard color plate to add resin, b is similar with a color depth of added amount of resin.

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