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Plastic Pipe Marking Line Function And Effect

Plastic coloring is an indispensable part in the plastics industry, the importance of landscaping 

products, the second important use is to identify the roles and identifies the effect achieved 

through the coloring is of practical value. Through plastic pipes mark is easy to identify pipe 

uses, such as: black plastic pipe with a blue line to water supply pipe, with a yellow line for 

gas, PPR pipe with a red line for the hot water tube, with a blue line for cold water pipes, etc.

So how do you select or special marks colour masterbatch and plastic pipe manufacturer is 


One is compatibility: Mark special material or color masterbatch carrier pipe material to match, 

otherwise it will affect aging and under pressure.

Second, dispersion: mark or special masterbatch dispersion must be better, it relates to the 

luster, color, but also affect the processing of products, if you choose to not produce the 

phenomenon of uneven thickness.

Third, fast performance: choose high Sun-resistant special material or color masterbatch, 

avoiding a short time fade.

Four is Mark special design avoids the use of dispersants, does not affect the quality of 

the pipe, and design considerations of color masterbatch dispersion dispersing agents need to be 

added, or oligomers, formulation design, color master batch processing, improper use can have a 

negative impact, as the special materials used in pipe line recommended.

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