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Performance Characteristics

Colour. Color pigments are a selective absorption and scattering of visible light by pigment, can be rendered in natural light conditions: yellow, red, blue, green and other colors.

Color pigments

Atlas of color pigments

Tinting strength. Ability to absorb incident light coloured pigments. Available standard paint tinting of the sample expressed as relative percentages.

Hiding power. Cover the substrate surface colors in the film. Covers 1 square meter area of the paints contained pigments grams said.

Light resistance. Keep their original colors, pigments in certain lighting performance. Generally use eight-level representation, eight-level best.

Weatherability. Pigments in some natural or artificial climate conditions, the ability to maintain its original properties. Usually uses the five-tier system, five-level is best.

Volatiles. Mainly refers to the water, generally does not exceed 1%.

Oil absorption. Refers to 100 grams of paint required to form a uniform mass number of grams of refined linseed oil, with small amount of oil is good, oil absorption and pigment particle surface area and structure.

Matter soluble in water. Pigments containing substances that are dissolved in water, as a pigment quality expressed as a percentage. Pigments for paints, water soluble substance is often below 1%.

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