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Pearlescent Masterbatch Test Part

The heavy calcium carbonate which is surface-treated by the aluminate coupling agent is modified and mixed with the carrier polypropylene powder and the appropriate amount of other additives, and the BOPP bead particles are granulated by the twin-screw extruder. The results show that the modified calcium carbonate has improved its compatibility with polyolefins and improves its fluidity. It has made pearlite masterbatch, has high coverage and good dispersibility. Other indexes can meet the requirements of BOPP pearl film Claim.

BOPP pearlescent film is made of polypropylene resin as raw material mixed with calcium carbonate inorganic granular pearl light masterbatch mixed, the two-way stretch, which has an opaque texture of satin, soft and pleasing pearl luster, lower density And excellent flatness and gas barrier properties. Is widely used in dried fruit, cold drinks, candy and high-end gift packaging.

Compared with ordinary BOPP films, BOPP pearlescent film has three typical characteristics: pearl luster, good shading and low density.

Pearlescent masterbatch manufacturing BOPP pearl film, pearlescent masterbatch selection is more critical. In the production process, generally with a variety of additives and carrier PP made pearlescent masterbatch, and then in the form of masterbatch to join the production line BOPP pearl film.

BOPP pearlite masterbatch is the main component of calcium carbonate, because the masterbatch on the PP resin adhesion is low, stretching can form numerous uniform holes, when the light into the hole, the interference occurs, multi-level interference light eventually formed Pearl effect. Calcium carbonate is an inorganic powder filler, the type includes heavy, light and colloidal three types.

Among them, the heavy calcium carbonate particles are irregular shape, and the particles have water chestnut, for plastic processing can improve the physical properties of the product characteristics, the manufacture of BOPP pearlescent masterbatch, should use heavy calcium carbonate. However, when the heavy calcium carbonate is used in the polymer, the affinity with the resin matrix is poor, and the adhesion to the polymer matrix is often poor due to uneven dispersion, so that the masterbatch is difficult to be processed. Therefore, in the manufacture of pearlite masterbatch using calcium carbonate, should be used to do white products of aluminate coupling agent on the surface activity of calcium carbonate treatment. Most BOPP pearlescent masterbatch with titanium dioxide, mainly from the cover effect, can improve the opacity of the pearl film and whiteness.

In order to impart heat-sealing property to the film and prevent the production of calcium carbonate powder in the production process because of the smooth production of calcium carbonate powder, usually BOPP film are multi-layer structure (three or five-layer structure), in the pearl layer Place the polypropylene heat seal layer.

Pearlescent masterbatch is the core of pearl film. Therefore, this paper pearlescent masterbatch manufacturing materials and processing technology research.

First, the test part

Raw material

BOPP special resin F280 pellets (Shanghai Petrochemical production), 040 powder (Jinling Petrochemical production), JS-B heavy calcium carbonate powder (Changxing Jinshi ultrafine powder Co., Ltd.), aluminate coupling agent (Jessica Ltd.), antioxidant (produced by Swiss Ciba Fine Industries), long chain multifunctional ester (produced by Songya Chemical Co., Ltd.), R299 type stone red type titanium dioxide (produced by Yaojiang Titanium Dioxide Chemical Co., Ltd.)

Equipment and instruments

SH-200 / 500A high-speed mixing unit (manufactured by Zhangjiagang Tongsha Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd.), TE-72 twin-screw extruder (manufactured by Nanjing Rubber & Plastic Machinery Factory), RL-5 melt flow index Up to the company).

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