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Masterbatch Technical Process

 Masterbatch A high proportion of pigment or additive and a thermoplastic resin, a well-dispersed plastic colorant, has a good wetting and dispersing effect on the colorant and has good compatibility with the colored material. Namely: pigment + carrier + additive = masterbatch

 1. make the pigment in the product has a better dispersion

Colorants in the production process to be refined on the paint to improve the pigment dispersion and color strength. The carrier of the special color masterbatch is the same as the plastic variety of the product, and has good matching. The pigment particles can be well dispersed in the plastic of the product after heating and melting.

2. It is beneficial to keep the chemical stability of the pigment

Direct use of paint, because the storage and use of the pigment in the process of direct contact with the air, the pigment will occur due to water absorption, oxidation and other phenomena, and made color masterbatch, the resin carrier will be pigment and air, water isolation, can make the quality of the pigment long change.

3. To ensure the stability of the product color

Masterbatch Color Masterbatch particles and resin particles similar to the measurement is more convenient and accurate, the mixture will not adhere to the container, and the resin mixture is also more uniform, so you can ensure the stability of the added amount, so as to ensure the stability of the product color.

4. Protect the health of the operator

Pigments are generally powdery, add and mix easily when flying, the body will be inhaled after the impact of the health of the operator.

5. Keep the environment clean

6. easy to use

 Masterbatch The commonly used masterbatch technology is a wet process. Color Masterbatch by the water phase grinding, phase, washed, dry, granulated, only the product quality can be guaranteed. In addition, the pigment should be subjected to a series of masterbatch technical tests at the same time as the grinding process. If the fineness of the sand slurry is measured, the diffusion performance of the sanding slurry is measured, the solid content of the sand slurry and the fineness of the paste project.

Masterbatch generally consists of three parts, the colorant carrier dispersant, through the high-speed mixer after mixing, crushing, extrusion into granulation, masterbatch in the plastic processing process, with high concentrations, good dispersion, clean And other significant advantages.

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