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Introduction Of The Filler

Filler is in the plastic molding process, for ease of operation, and will need a variety of 

additives, filler mixed with a small amount of resin before mixing, granule, powder known as 


Parent material is made up of carrier, fillers and additives. Masterbatch additives in limited 

or fillers than actual plastic products need to be several times higher to more than 10 times.

In the course of processing, must be based on parent material relating to components of the 

content and to join in actual products, adjust the ratio of masterbatch and resin. Parent material

can usually be divided into common filler (referred to as filler) and functional masterbatches, 

masterbatch, antifogging material, etc. Filler filler is the main component, mainly used for 

polyolefins (polyethylene and polypropylene) processing, also known as polyolefin filler.

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