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Influence Factors

Main factors influencing the effects of colorant coloring: coloring

Coloring food

Coloring food

The coloring agent effectiveness, impact is influenced by many factors, factors are as follows:

Coloring agent for pigment is soluble in common solvents, so to obtain the desired color performance, need to use mechanical methods to pigment dispersion in plastic. Inorganic pigment stability and good thermal stability, light and low prices, but coloring is relatively poor, the relative density; high tinting strength of organic pigments, bright, complete chromatography, relative density, and disadvantages for heat resistance, weatherability and coverage is not as good as inorganic pigments.

White pigments include titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, Lithopone three. Titanium dioxide rutile and anatase structure, rutile-type titanium dioxide of high refractive index, high hiding power, stability, good weather resistance. Carbon black is commonly used as a black pigment and cheap, also has ultraviolet protection of plastic (anti-aging) effect and electrical conductivity, different production processes can be extremely wide variety of carbon black particle size range, the nature varies. By purpose of carbon black pigment carbon black and carbon black used in rubber reinforcing, carbon black pigment on its colouring power is divided into high pigment carbon black, carbon black pigment, and low carbon black pigment. Carbon black particles together to improve carbon black coloring, to solve the carbon black dispersion.

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