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Color Masterbatch, Special Heat Resistance

Color masterbatch, special heat resistant grades are usually with plastic for finished products conform to, at normal temperature, you can rest assured that use. Only under the following circumstances may cause varying degrees of change, one is the temperature above the normal, one is down for too long.

Granulation of coloring and color masterbatch colouring what's the difference?

Coloring and color masterbatch pellet coloring than has the following advantages:

1. coloring and completion of the finished product processing, stop the heating process of granulation of coloring of plastics, plastic products to cover character of interest.

2. make plastic products production the most simplified.

3. throttle power

Use masterbatch colouring product will not fade?

No fading products use masterbatch colouring of products still have probably fade, just for different grades of products different, some more significant, while others are hard to detect.

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