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Characteristic Advantages Of Pearlescent Masterbatch

1, the dispersion of the pigment has better products

Master shall thinned pigments in the production process to improve dispersion of pigments and coloring. Color plastic variety of parent carriers and products of the same, with good compatibility, heat soluble pigment particles dispersed in well after thawing products in plastics.

2, in favor of maintaining the chemical stability of pigments

Direct use of pigment, due to pigments in the storage and use of direct contact with the air, pigments will absorb water and oxidation phenomena, and fineness of the Queen Mother, because the carrier resin paint and separation of air, water, you can make the paint qualities unchanged for a long time.

3, to ensure that products color stability

Color master particles and resin particles similar to much more convenient and accurate in measuring, mixing does not adhere to the container, and resin mixed more evenly, thus ensuring stability of the added amount, thereby ensuring the products color stability.

4, protecting the health of operators

Paint is powdery, adding and mixing easier when flying, when inhaled, will influence the operator's health.

5, keeping the environment clean

6, easy to use

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