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Black Master Batch Production Process

Black master batch production process there are several common.

(1) the production process of two-rotor continuous mixer

This process production process is, first will carbon black, and resin and other additives according to formula weighing good, then will the component joined to high-speed mixed device in the in at room temperature Xia mixed 10min, will its joined to double rotor continuous mixed refining in the mixed refining, mixed refining paragraph temperature for 160 ° degrees, mixed refining good objects continuous of by unloading material door discharge to downstream of single screw rod, through die head extrusion for article-like. Then take, sink cooled, cut into granules and masterbatches. This kind of process material through shear force, mixing production of masterbatch dispersion effect is good, but due to the production of suitable production equipment and process, high energy consumption and high cost.

(2) mixing process

This process is first carrier directly into the mixing, additives and carbon black secret refining material after mixing well screw extrusion, granulation production black masterbatch. Its production of black masterbatch for superior performance, good dispersion, generally used in the production of high-grade plastic masterbatches and chemical fiber masterbatches. Its production of masterbatch price is relatively high.

(Production process of twin screw)

Its process is the carrier resin, additives and carbon black by high speed mixer premixed, after twin screw extrusion granulator, the production of black masterbatch. This process is simple, co-rotating twin screw extruder can also provide materials with very high shearing force, if reasonable formula and process regulation, can also produce high quality masterbatch.

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