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Application Of Color Master Batch In The Plastic Products Industry

Masterbatch production are strict, using the wet process. Masterbatch water ground, negotiating

phase, washing, drying, granulation, and only so that product quality can be guaranteed. Other 

pigments in the ground at the same time, it should also conduct a series of tests, such as the 

determination of the fine sanded grout, and determination of non sanded grout, sanded grout for 

determination of solid content and determination of fineness of colorants and other projects.

Followed now "high performance plastic information" of implementation and throughout, plastic

 products on color mother grain of needs not only stay in "paint" this a level Shang, many of 

plastic about career, according to its products itself of not as, on color mother grain also 

proposed corresponding needs, this on makes color mother grain produced who according to Mall 

and the using, development out into series of has multiple composite function of color mother 

grain commodity. In other words, masterbatch, a commodity, in the supplied plastic paint on the

 basis of the function, based on the use of plastic products, also available to plastic products 

such as "anti-aging", "heat", "antibiotic", and "enhanced" functions such as property.

Masterbatch, present throughout the application, application of plastics coloring agents, plastics 

processing companies, no pollution to the environment. Colored uniform, stable, progressive quality

plastic parts. Easy to measure, can exercise a high degree of automation of the production system.

Can be colored, anti-aging agent, antistatic agent rolled into one, made from versatile master batches 

and easily applied.Masterbatch is by the high share of dyes or additives and thermoplastic resin, plastic 

toner and is formed by outstanding and lax, its selection of resins for toner with outstanding effect of damp

and poorly, and have excellent compatibility with the colored data.

Black master, of course, it is a kind of color masterbatch, but its position with other color 

master batch has a little different, which is that we in the plastics processing, one of the 

most commonly used color master batch, is the largest one. It is widely used in plastics 

processing occupations, such as injection molding, extrusion, blow molding, and so on. In real life, 

it is widely used in plastic injection molding, plastic pipe extrusion, production of mulch and soil information.

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