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Paint application areas

Fluorescent pigments in plastics, Sol, paper, color, ink, paint, paint, color, chemical fiber, textile and so on has an excellent showing for coloring.

Under natural conditions, as well as at dawn, dusk, fog climate, and projecting under light conditions, such as fluorescent luster has far superior to the traditional gloss visibility, sooner, to attract people's attention more quickly, grasp that kind of attention for longer, and significantly increase the people look back at the second eye, and even opportunities to third eye. Fluorescent pigments of these characteristics more and more commercial interest in, and access to more and more commercial applications.

Fluorescent pigments of the earliest and most extensive commercial applications are of all colors and types of advertising. Signs inside and outside from the shop, huge billboards next to the freeway from all types of packaging, to magazines and advertising inserts, and so on. Commodity economy and development of science and technology today, fluorescent pigment and its performance has been widely used in more areas. For example, in terms of security tokens: fire and ambulance vehicles, rescue facilities and equipment, construction sites, dangerous equipment, industrial equipment and other places, traffic signs, transportation apparel, forest workers and the Hunter's clothing, and so on.

In the field of automation and high-tech fields, optical identification of fluorescent pigment was also used. For example, code, tracking and sorting files, mail rescue. Dazzling fluorescence color in almost all other areas are more and more using color applications. For example, appliances and toys for children, modern art, arts and crafts, fashion, and so on.

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