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New types of masterbatches for plastic bottles to add gloss

Masterbatches can not only add to the plastic bottle, can also be added to other substances, increasing the performance and value of raw materials. This new type of masterbatch plastic bottles with aluminum luster appearance, according to reports, the luster and texture of the materials and metals are very similar, but the cost is lower. New type masterbatch for plastic bottles are better reflected in the production and realization of plastic bottles with good luster, has certain advantages in appearance to ensure the use of a good role.

A new type of color master batch has a good performance and functionality, able to show good value in the production of plastic bottles. Color master batch using FormulaXPET technology, the product does not require predrying can be directly fed into the extruder. New type of metal color masterbatches provide including deep purple, blue and green, green onion, lemon, lead, such as yellow and blue. If the use of polishing mold processing, or add to the luster of resin, such as PET or HDPE, master effect will be more evident. In addition, the color master batch can also be added to PP, PS, PC, ABS, nylon and other materials.

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