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Fluorescent whitening agent tips

Fluorescent whitening agent is a special colorless powder organic, can absorb ultraviolet light

wavelength of 300nm, and absorb the UV light 300-400nm, and convert absorbed energy and radiated 

to 500nm visible light (fluorescent blue or purple).

When the object is not reflected when violet, the color yellow. If adding fluorescent brighteners,

and expose it to the above 300nm under ultraviolet light, emits visible purplish fluorescence, 

which can make up for not being reflected matrix blue or purple to mask the yellow wavelength

visible light waves. And add a small amount of blue in the white color to achieve the "yellow 

cover" mechanism, optical brighteners is the reflection or transmission from the increase in 

the number of "light" effect, and blue-white "reduced" role, so that the surface brightness

enhancement. "Light" is not strong, and reflectivity can be substantially higher than 100%.

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