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Components of the titanium dioxide used in white masterbatch

White masterbatch development speed, combined with the color master batch production process is 

simple, less investment in China color masterbatch plant hundreds, production scale, technology 

level, and dozens of tons of small, tens of thousands of tons of product competition, production 

and corporate profits decline, most white masterbatch products of poor quality. According to 

incomplete statistics, titanium dioxide for white masterbatch production 2~3 tons per year, 

the use of rutile are divided into high, medium and low in third gear, high-end imported rutile,

mid-range domestic rutile and low-grade made use of anatase titanium dioxide. Due to intense 

competition, anatase titanium dioxide in masterbatch and there is an increasing trend.

White masterbatch production there are several, such as pigments, resins, dispersant, volume 

pigments and other additives high-speed mixer twin screw extrusion color masterbatch, white 

masterbatches are used as industrial raw materials, performance is usually displayed in a 

subsequent application, therefore, titanium dioxide white masterbatch of performance is mainly 

reflected in the application process.

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