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Colorants for plastics coloring

1. color

In most cases, the plastics coloring the main purpose is to make plastic products have beautiful 

colors, of course, need to use brightly colored stains, even as applications such as identification

 of coloring of plastics parts, people also want to have nice color, so sharp and vivid color,

 is often considered a basic condition for colorants for plastic.

2. coloring

Coloring and tinting strength, it refers to the color of colorant is given. Strong coloring power, 

mean to reach a certain color need to add less amount of colouring, which reduces coloring costs 

as well as reduce the stain may have a negative impact on physical and mechanical properties of

 plastic products, has a very important meaning.

3. transparency and hiding power

Colorant, transparency and hiding power, are two opposite concepts. Transparent stain, poor 

coverage, on the contrary, hiding power of colouring, and poor transparency. So in order to meet 

the needs of actual coloring, often need to have good transparency and hiding power of colouring.

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