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Color can be customized

High pigment content of color masterbatch, bright colors, good brightness. Use has the melt mixing 

dispersion and thermal stability, and the product has a very high mechanical strength retention 

rate. The color of this product range and can be customized according to customer demand for color for

Applicable range of polymers

Polyolefin: HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE, PP, EVA,TPE, PVC, and so on.

Non polyolefin: PET, PBT, PC, PA, ABS,AS,PS,POM,etc, and so on.

Areas of application

Chemical fiber (carpet, polyester, polypropylene, non-woven cloth, etc)

Film products (bags, cast film, multilayer film, etc)

Blow molded products (pharmaceutical and cosmetic containers, oil and paint containers, etc)

Extruded products (sheet, pipe, cable and wire, and so on)

Injection molded products (auto parts, electrical appliances, building materials, daily 

necessities, toys, sporting goods, furniture, and so on)

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