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Characteristics of carbon black

Carbon black: is a black intensity. When making coloring, blackness is mainly based on absorption of light, for a particular concentration of carbon black, the finer, higher degree of light absorption. Outside of light absorption within the carbon black, black, also due to the particle surface geometrical bodies with brightening effect is produced by the effect of light scattering, which reduces the blackness. As the particle size decreases, light scattering decreases. Only for very fine carbon black, increase the degree of concentration to improve black, thick black, with a dominant factor in the degree of light scattering due to increases in the number, blackness but correspondingly lower.

Carbon black surface area: the size of the surface area is divided into the main index. Large surface area carbon black, especially the outside surface area of carbon black, ink, paint, paste, plastics and other industries gives high tinting strength; rather than surface area smaller, less dark, but has good dispersibility, fluidity.

Carbon black particle: electron microscopy and determination of carbon black particle size can be observed directly. Typically geometry determination of average particle diameter, referred to as particle size, expressed in NM.

Apart from hot cracking of carbon black, and almost all of the spherical particles are not separate, but during the build process of polymer melt together to form aggregates in a region. Minimum of carbon black aggregates are separate units. Nevertheless, the particle size and distribution continues to be one of the fundamental properties of carbon black. Directly affect other properties of carbon black particle size and performance.

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